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First Visit

Complimentary Consultation & Regular Appointments

Welcome to our office! We have a friendly, yet professional setting where you and your child can count on getting the highest quality care. Our office is conveniently located across the street from Ikea store. As you walk through the front doors, you will see our front desk and meet warm, friendly scheduling coordinators, ready to assist you.

Upon arriving to our office, please sign in at our reception desk. Please follow the instructions carefully as this will let everyone in the office know that you have arrived. We take pride in staying on time; so if you ever wait longer than 15 minutes beyond your scheduled appointment time, please check with an appointment coordinator to make sure that you that you have signed in correctly.

At your first visit, our Treatment Coordinator will obtain a full set of digital images in our records room (as well as a panoramic x-ray, if indicated), which will allow the doctor to provide each of our patients with a complete and accurate initial diagnosis. As you continue on the office tour, you will see that our treatment area has an open concept. This allows for efficient treatment in a non-threatening environment. It is very comforting to young patients to see other children their own age enjoying their experience in our office right in the next chair.

The doctor and the team at Nguyen Orthodontics spend lots of time explaining treatment and giving instructions. Our treatment area is supported by our state-of-the-art sterilization area. We never recycle products, we use disposable items whenever available, and follow strict sterilization guidelines for the safety of our patients. We sincerely hope you enjoy your visits with us!

If You Are Late For An Appointment

Sometimes our patients are late due to traffic, etc. While we are sympathetic, we cannot, in fairness to other patients, jam late patients into the schedule. If you are late, you are always welcome to wait for an opening in the schedule. Sometimes there may not be an opening until the end of the day, and it may be easier to reschedule your appointment.

Rescheduling Appointments

All missed appointments should be rescheduled as soon as possible after the original appointment. Please do not wait several weeks for another "attractive" PRIME TIME appointment. During treatment, we are moving teeth as rapidly and as safely possible and it is very important that we monitor progress regularly. Our afternoon PRIME TIME appointments are booked five to six weeks in advance, so missed or late appointments usually have to be rescheduled during work or school hours. Since this is not a popular option, please make every effort to keep your original appointment. Our appointment policy was developed in an effort to give everyone the very best service we can. If it seems at times that we are inflexible with our schedule, please remember that we are trying very hard to stay on time and be fair to everyone. We are always available for questions or comments, and greatly appreciate your feedback.

Payment & Office Policies

Because we know that most people are concerned about their financial resources, we are happy to communicate to you the many ways our patients benefit from their investment.
First and foremost, we provide the highest quality orthodontic care possible. We accomplish this with intensive continuing education for all team members and the utilization of state-of-the-art technology. We think it is important for you to know that the braces you will be wearing are new. Our orthodontic practice does not use reconditioned/recycled braces. A myriad of treatment techniques and appliances are possible for any one orthodontic case. Because our commitment is to an excellent orthodontic experience which includes patient comfort, we use costly archwires that place gentle forces on the teeth to enhance patient comfort. Even our choice of style of braces puts comfort and esthetics foremost. Our lab is first-rate, making our appliances so precisely that appliance remake and breakage is very rare. Sterilization is never compromised. Disposable products are used whenever possible.
It's important that people get the orthodontic care they need when they need it. Orthodontics is an investment for the future... a future of improved dental health and appearance. Our goal is not only to meet all of your expectations, but to exceed your expectations in all areas of our service.

Your Payment Options

To determine the best way for you to manage your investment, our treatment coordinator will answer your questions, explain payment plans, and help you with insurance claims. The complexity of each problem determines the fee. We offer flexible financial arrangements that work within your budget.

We accept most insurance plans and all "indemnity" plans. Indemnity plans allow the patient to go to any orthodontist they choose with full benefits. Some PPO plans that suggest going to their own panel member, but may revert to an indemnity plan if you choose to see the provider of your choice. Our insurance specialist will assist you in predetermining and receiving the maximum benefit your coverage allows.

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