COVID-19 safety

We take the health and safety of our patients very seriously.

The following will apply to your appointments.

  • Temperature record and screening for all patients
  • Social distancing and a limited number of patients in the operatory
  • Strict adherence to infection control protocols
  • Adherence to personal protective equipment
  • Fully enclosed glass operatories
  • UV sterilization and full sanitization for goggles
  • Enhanced clinic air filtration and sanitization systems
Spacious waiting area

Spacious Waiting Area

Enclosed glass operatories

Enclosed Glass Operatories

Aerosol evacuation system

Aerosol Evacuation System

IQAir air filtration system (Swiss)

IQAir Air Filtration (Swiss)

Viruskiller air filtration system (Korean)

Viruskiller Air Filtration (Korean)

AirDog air filtration system (US)

AirDog Air Filtration (American)

UV goggles sterilization system

UV Goggles Sterilization